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Really excited about this Madrid based, open source, SVG alternative to Figma for #ux #design
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Since we're all excited about the image of Sagittarius A*, here's a different view of the central regions of our galaxy.

In January the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa released a stunning radio dataset. In the image below I colorised it using what we call spectral index, which tells us what causes this radio emission, like electrons accelerated by magnetic fields.

Sgr A* would be an tiny spec at the center of this image.

More info:

#astronomy #astrophotography

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Undust your #raspberrypi because #vvvv is coming to town!

Pictured: A vvvv patch happily blinking an LED, exported to run as a console app on a raspberrypi.

#visualprogramming #dotnet #linux #creativecoding #iot @Raspberry_Pi

States of Chimera - Opening May 19th at Meta.Morf 2022

By Annike Flo. At the Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art

Open Call: "LFF Expanded 2022"

"Features artists and creative teams working in immersive media such as virtual, augmented or mixed reality"

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On the 28th of May I'm co-organizing , a short and free #solarpunk conference with discussion panels on technology, infrastructure, art and narratives! Feel free to join us, we'll have QnA sessions with experts!

We'll have lots of FLOSS people, Appropedia, Global Innovation Gathering and more!

#sciencefiction #scifi #future #futurism #sustainability

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The next Gathering for Open Science Hardware will be in Panama Oct 26-29! yay!

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Hi! If you feel the itch to help out the open science hardware community in a pretty easy way, you can sign up (or nominate someone) to be an independent election observer! We have a new election for new council folks next month, and you can help the election run smooth!

Lure of Slowness [0] will be at Creativity & Cognition [1] in Venice. Exhibition opens on June 22nd. Looking forward to the conversations! 🐌



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🧐EU study shows #EuropeanPublicServices need to nurture and sustain individual developers and inadequately funded, vulnerable, small, #opensource maintenance projects.
Learn more: 🔗

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ufw (a firewall) uses rule numbers when you want to, say, delete a rule. Does it display the rule numbers when you list them with ufw status?

No, of course not, that would be too easy (you’d win the game right away, where’s the fun in that?)

So, instead you have to type ufw status numbered.

Remember kids, beautiful defaults are for newbs and losers. Real gamers play in hard mode.


*walks away mumbling*

#usability #ufw #linux

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“Algospeak” is a new English dialect that emerged from the desperate attempts of social media users to “please the algorithm”: that is, to avoid words and phrases that cause social media platforms’ algorithms to suppress or block their communication.

#Algospeak is practiced by all types of social media users, from individuals addressing their friends to science communicators and activists hoping to reach a broader public. But the most ardent practitioners of algospeak are social media creators, who rely—directly or indirectly—on social media to earn a living.

the article ⬆️ posted by @pluralistic also links to this explainer:

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"Awards of up to EUR 5000 are available for finding security vulnerabilities in ... Mastodon ... There is a 20% bonus for providing a code fix for the bugs they discover."
ht to @Doudouosm -- Twenty years ago a game came out unlike any other. Take a look at this beautiful and touching tribute created by the incredible community that to this day grows around it. 🌙 💫

Wealth beyond measure, fellow outlanders.

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interested in exploring #etextiles #soft-technology #wearables in the context of #interactive-theater? and you speak german:-?
applications for the Spiel&&Objekt MA program in #berlin are now open until 16.05.22. you’ll find all the information here:

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my last #introductions post is pretty dusty so ... here we go. I'm one of the old-timers who joined the fediverse in early 2017. got a blog at

I grew up in Indonesia and Singapore and lived in Thailand a few years.

I write software for a living but I try not to make my feed here be just about that kind of stuff. trying to decolonize my head but it's a slow process, and I rely on help from those who have been doing it longer.

in the past I've supported the free software movement, but nowadays it's clear to me they've lost their way and that no meaningful user-empowering movement can succeed without an explicit anti-capitalist foundation.

I lead the development of the #fennel programming language and like to participate in game jams for fun:

I make weird keyboards:

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Please enjoy this awesome video of the HR 8799 system made by Jason Wang, for anyone who hadn't seen it yet.


The star itself was blocked by the telescope so we can see the planets, though some of the light still scatters around the edges. All four known planets are visible. The orbital motion is interpolated from a series of images taken by the Keck Telescope in Hawaii.

As for the planets themselves...

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We were the only ones
We were the only ones
And now there's no one left
Alive to tell
About how we weren't so scared
Before the ocean swelled
About how we used to live
Before the ceiling fell


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